Glen Abbey Golf Course - Saved!

Monday Aug 09th, 2021


Glen Abbey Golf Course in Oakville is one of Canada's most famous golf courses.  Designed by Jack Nicklaus in 1976 to be one of the first courses in the world designed for spectators with it's combined stadium design and hub and spoke layout.  Years ago Club Link, the owners of Glen Abbey,  decided the lands were ripe for development and started planning a huge master planned community where the golf course lies.

The plan from Club Link was to develop approximately 3,000 homes on the property. The battle began in 2015 when Club Link attended a pre-consultation meeting with the town (which they are required to do before submitting a planning application) to discuss their proposal and identify any  key issues and approvals that would impact the development. Council recognized Raydor Estate/Glen Abbey Golf Course as one of four significant cultural heritage landscapes in Oakville. In May 2017 town staff then went on to  identify and recommend to Council potential measures to safeguard the heritage attributes of these properties.  On December 20, 2017, Council officially designated the Glen Abbey Golf Course as a property of cultural heritage value or interest. In simple terms, a Cultural Heritage Landscape is “a defined geographical area that may have been modified by human activity and is identified as having cultural heritage value or interest by a community….”

After years of battling with the Town of Oakville on July 9th, 2021 Club Link has withdrawn its appeals to the Ontario Land Tribunal of applications to demolish the Glen Abbey Golf Course and replace it with a high-density residential development meaning Oakville's beloved golf course and host of many Canadian Opens has been given a reprieve, hopefully permanently!

You can read all about the timelines, background, appeals, court hearings, meetings and much more by clicking this link for the Town of Oakville.   Glen Abbey Information



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